Limbs Alive - making rehabilitation fun!

Enjoyable therapy wherever and whenever you want it.


Limbs Alive - making rehabilitation fun!

Delivers regular upper limb therapy to patients with hemiplegia in their own home via specially designed action video games.


Limbs Alive - making rehabilitation fun!

Ensures that therapy fits into your life rather than fitting your life around your therapy.


Limbs Alive - making rehabilitation fun!

Improved rehabilitation whilst delivering significant cost savings for health service providers.

We specialise in rehabilitation of hemiplegia, making therapy fun using interactive challenges to support the journey to recovery.

Established in 2010, Limbs Alive specialises in the rehabilitation of the hand and arm for people of all ages who have hemiplegia, often through stroke.

Limbs Alive is founded on six Fs:

Fun for all ages – everyone will want our products even if they do not have hemiplegia

Focused on developing two handed skills – essential for independence.

Frequent therapy – you really want to do it

Family friendly therapy – fits in with your life

Financially feasible – use of consumer products makes it possible on a normal family budget

Fit for purpose – designed using the latest scientific basis of successful therapy

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