Why Group Physical Therapy is so Effective

For those of you who are more experienced with physical therapy, you can understand why so many struggles, many have found that doing therapy with friends or loved ones, or even in a group of strangers in a similar position […]

A soccer player is stretchered off the field

Soccer Injury Rehab

Soccer Injury Rehabilitation – When and Why? As is already known, soccer is a very high-intensity and extremely competitive sport. In the USA, there are college-level and youth level championships held every year, and scholarships are given based on the […]

Couple arguing and breaking up in a marriage counseling

How Long Should Marriage Counseling Last?

Marriage Counseling Before entering into any professional help, the first question people wonder about is how long the counseling process would take to work and come up with a noticeable difference. A strategic marriage counseling always focuses on the couple […]

Space Technology Rehabilitation

Space Technology Helps with the Rehabilitation of Movement Disorders

With the advent of space technologies, more and more solutions to increasing space benefits are growing. Realizing the efforts that astronauts and space enthusiasts are making daily, the progress has currently led to an increase in spatial activities. Spaceflight is […]

Neurologist holding brain model

What is the Treatment for Stroke Patients?

Stroke Patient Treatment It is widely believed that ‘Time is brain’, in medical emergencies like stroke. Where the sooner medical help is provided and the process of treatment starts, the better are the chances for a full recovery. When experiencing […]

Gottman Method

What is the Gottman Method?

Gottman Method Different types of counseling techniques, approaches different methods for a thorough assessment of the relationship, to find the best-suited solution the process to rebuild a bond. There are various approaches of counseling, such as narrative therapy, emotionally focused […]

Physiotherapist doing leg therapy to a woman using foam roll

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Stroke?

Recovery Time of a Stroke A stroke is a type of disability that affects an individual’s daily function, whether professionally or anyone’s personal life. Improper blood supply to the brain, due to ruptured blood vessel or blockage present in the […]

Therapist woman talking with young sad couple
Blog Therapy

What is the Best Therapy for Couples?

Couple Therapy In this fast-paced world, with deteriorating values for relationships and increasing communication gaps, it’s hard to keep up with the promises once made and to keep those little things that make or break a relationship, in check. Not […]

stroke patient

What Percentage of Stroke Patients Make a Full Recovery?

Recovery of Stroke Patients A stroke is considered a medical emergency and is caused when there is a reduced or blocked blood supply to a particular region of the brain. Types of strokes and chances of recovery Ischemic stroke Being […]