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Why is our Diet so Important to our Overall Health?

From the moment we’re born, we are put on a controlled diet designed to stimulate our growth and health. As we gain more autonomy, we often tend to lose our grip on the idea of a more ‘controlled’ diet. The word ‘controlled’ in itself is often enough to unsettle many people. The idea of having restrictions on what we can and can eat may be frustrating for many people and that is why we as a society have grown to feel challenged by what we eat. In a world where skinny and ultra-fit models are plastered on the covers of magazines and other advertisements, we are encouraged to strive for this ideal body shape, whilst on the other end of the capitalist market, we are being both metaphorically and in some cases literally force-fed fast food and other types of ‘junk’ food. They offer convenience and affordability, arguably at the cost of our health.

Research has shown that the fast-food industry has skyrocketed in popularity – and considering it was always a profitable industry, that just goes to show how many of us are becoming reliant on fast food for our next meal. It’s hard to argue with a quick and affordable meal that tastes delicious and also requires minimal clean-up. But, many are forgetting that although it tastes great, it is intended to be a treat. If you over-indulge in fast food, you run the risk of heart complications and obesity. The US obesity rate has skyrocketed over the years and in 2020 has surpassed 40% of people, with more and more families buying into the convenience of fast foods. While it’s understandable that exhausted parents may not always have the energy to cook a complex meal every night, it is important to include more of a healthy variety in your diet to ensure the health and fitness of not just you but also your family. With fast food, we often don’t realize what we’re putting in our bodies, but by cooking your own meals from scratch, you can be sure of the ingredients you’re using and are therefore more likely to stay on top and on target for your ideal diet.

Why is our Diet so Important?

Well, if we hope to live long and healthy lives, there are two main ingredients to help us get there. The first is a good fitness regime. It doesn’t have to be intensive, just research the adequate amount of exercise for a person of your height, age and sex and aim to do an extra amount each week so that you fall behind. The second key ingredient to living your healthiest life is a good diet. Many of us were taught about the five food groups from a young age and for good reason. A good diet is paramount in keeping on top of your overall health. A quick search online will help to inform you of the many reasons why so many people are choosing to focus more on their diet to improve their daily lives. If you’re feeling tired or lethargic for example, you may be running low on iron, something found in a lot of red meats and other sources. Many of us may even have deficiencies of certain nutrients without even realizing it. Deficiencies can sometimes lead to more serious health complications further down the line if they aren’t properly treated. Sites like Vitamia offer a number of ideas and products that can help you on your way to a better diet.

How Can I Improve?

The most important thing to remember is that a good diet isn’t a destination, it is a continuing journey. You shouldn’t necessarily just aim for a certain weight for example, you should instead just focus on getting the nutrients you need while limiting your intake of fast foods and other junk items. A good first step might be to go and visit your doctor for some advice. They may recommend some tests to help see if there are any nutrients you are running low on and will also be able to recommend ways for you to get the required amount through your diet. Try your best to include a variety of foods in your diet. You shouldn’t eat overly fatty, sugary, or salty foods every day unless you’re aiming to negatively affect your health. But, that doesn’t mean you can never eat them. Allowing yourself treats now and then will help to make eating healthier a bit easier than if you were to try to cut them out altogether. Don’t try and starve yourself or you could end up doing more damage than good. If it seems difficult at first, don’t try and force yourself to live off of salads or you’ll be tempted to binge. Make small changes that you know you can continue, they’ll make all the difference!