Why Laughing Can Improve Your Health
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Why Laughing Can Improve Your Health

You’ve probably heard that laughter is the best medicine. But do you know why? And do you feel down in the dumps sometimes but just aren’t sure how to cheer yourself up? Maybe you should take a look at how […]


3 Quick Tips to Help Clear your Mind Of Stress

Stress. Increasingly an accepted part of the human experience, it is becoming more and more likely for the modern person to experience stress to the point where it feels like it is normal. From the exponentially increasing debt of the […]


Why Group Physical Therapy is so Effective

For those of you who are more experienced with physical therapy, you can understand why so many struggles, many have found that doing therapy with friends or loved ones, or even in a group of strangers in a similar position […]

Neurologist holding brain model

What is the Treatment for Stroke Patients?

Stroke Patient Treatment It is widely believed that ‘Time is brain’, in medical emergencies like stroke. Where the sooner medical help is provided and the process of treatment starts, the better are the chances for a full recovery. When experiencing […]

Physiotherapist doing leg therapy to a woman using foam roll

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Stroke?

Recovery Time of a Stroke A stroke is a type of disability that affects an individual’s daily function, whether professionally or anyone’s personal life. Improper blood supply to the brain, due to ruptured blood vessel or blockage present in the […]

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What Percentage of Stroke Patients Make a Full Recovery?

Recovery of Stroke Patients A stroke is considered a medical emergency and is caused when there is a reduced or blocked blood supply to a particular region of the brain. Types of strokes and chances of recovery Ischemic stroke Being […]

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Gift Ideas for Stroke Patients

Some simple gift ideas for stroke patients Surviving a stroke isn’t an easy task, and no one can feel the pain, other than the survivor alone. The difference in life that the survivor goes through is relevant, as per the […]

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What is Rehabilitation?

Knowing some significant facts about rehabilitation! Every individual out there needs to be stable in condition to conduct daily activities. When some of the other issues hamper physical and mental ability to cope up with regular tasks, it is time […]