stroke patient

What Percentage of Stroke Patients Make a Full Recovery?

Recovery of Stroke Patients A stroke is considered a medical emergency and is caused when there is a reduced or blocked blood supply to a particular region of the brain. Types of strokes and chances of recovery Ischemic stroke Being […]

Modern rehabilitation physiotherapy

7 Types of Rehabilitation Therapy

The prospects of rehabilitation aim at recovering an individual from terrible conditions of decay. When you happen to go through some trauma, regular treatments will not help you. In such a situation of complete helplessness and pain, rehabilitation is the […]

geriatric nurse helps a stroke patient

Gift Ideas for Stroke Patients

Some simple gift ideas for stroke patients Surviving a stroke isn’t an easy task, and no one can feel the pain, other than the survivor alone. The difference in life that the survivor goes through is relevant, as per the […]

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Rehab for Married Couples

Why rehab for married couples is a good idea! Being a relationship has its pits and falls. What if the complexities and the endless fights were always a part of your life and it never ended? Such a point will […]

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What is Rehabilitation?

Knowing some significant facts about rehabilitation! Every individual out there needs to be stable in condition to conduct daily activities. When some of the other issues hamper physical and mental ability to cope up with regular tasks, it is time […]