3 Quick Tips to Help Clear your Mind Of Stress

Stress. Increasingly an accepted part of the human experience, it is becoming more and more likely for the modern person to experience stress to the point where it feels like it is normal. From the exponentially increasing debt of the average American citizen to the way a wrong coffee order sets you up for the day in a terrible way, there are more and more reasons every day to learn how to clear your mind of the anxiety stress can cause – and more and more ways to do it! But while portable jump starters are very useful to relieve the stress of a drained battery, the general stress of normal life requires more metaphysical tools.



Sometimes a traditional solution is a tradition for a reason. Even though going for a jog might seem like a stressful concept now, rigorous exercise has been extensively shown to release endorphins and lower stress hormones such as cortisol, resulting in a much healthier state of brain chemistry pretty much immediately after you catch your breath.


Write it down!

It can sound a little silly, but simply getting out a page of paper and a pen and writing down anything negative on your mind at that moment can help relieve some stress extremely quickly. A huge source of stress in the modern person is from not vocalizing your daily worries, and writing these down can very quickly ease your stress as you have let them off your chest, even just to a page of paper.



Ever realized that you somehow feel good after straining your stomach with a hard chuckle? It’s not just the episode of The Office you watched that is making you feel good. Laughing is a very strong tool used by humanity in social situations to spread happiness. To facilitate this, laughing releases the pressure in muscles in your face and body and relieves the anxiety and stress in your mind. So have a laugh! It just might help.