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The Water Revolution: What Water Should I Be Drinking?

The health benefits of drinking plenty of water are second to none, it not only prevents dehydration and migraines but also leads to healthier skin. Tap water is absolutely fine and is still really good for you however, the added minerals and vitamins that can be found in bottled water brands are extremely beneficial towards a healthy body. The issue with bottled water is the cost, with the recommended amount of water to be drunk being two liters a day it can add up to be a substantial expense, and it is not exactly environmentally friendly either.


A great way to get healthier water at home but, without the cost issue would be to invest in a home water filtration system. A Kangen water machine is a leading model, new to the market with an affordable price tag and a range of home water filtration products. Although the benefits of bottled water are great, I would ask that you don’t make it a daily habit and take steps to protect the environment by recycling your bottles and reusing them. Owning your own filtration system allows you to ensure your tap water is as pure as possible, this is the best alternative to bottled spring water and still complies with the health benefits that water has. The question of which water you should be drinking is one of many as there are so many different brands each offering their own unique selling point.


Smart Water

Leading bottled water brand Smart Water is one of the more recent companies to begin bottling their own unique formula. With added electrolytes Smart Water claims to be an excellent brain stimulant and promotes your energy levels, unlike other brands who take their water from mineralized springs, this brand adds extra additives to have an even stronger impact on your health.


Smart Water is a proven Hangover cure as the added electrolytes give you and your body a boost however, unlike popular energy drinks that are packed with sugar and chemicals it is done in a much healthier and natural way. Smart Water is a brand that I would definitely recommend, it’s much more reliant on science as opposed to natural greatness but the good it can do for your health is definitely worth it.



Buxton is an example of a brand of water that has stuck to its tried and tested methods. Dating back over 60 years Buxton relies upon mother nature and its amazing freshwater springs. Using this natural resource without the interference of science or additives is a huge selling point of the company. Buxton relies upon the natural minerals contained in their springs, the natural minerals are extremely beneficial towards a healthy lifestyle.


Although bottled water isn’t very environmentally friendly and it does promote the wastage of plastic, Buxton acknowledges the damage plastic production has but, instead gives back to the world in other ways such as a huge amount of charity work and a massive contribution against over logging by planting thousands of trees all over the world.



Much like Buxton Evian also relies upon a more natural source of freshwater. Located high up in the mountains the water flows down and through the spring, the mineralized properties of the spring transfer into the water and naturally provide multiple vitamins that your body needs in order to work in peak condition.


There is a common association that things that come naturally are much more healthy. Fruit, veg, and water all come into the world naturally, so take advantage of the gifts you are given by your world and make sure you drink plenty of water.


Overall, I would argue that whatever water you are drinking is extremely good for you. Dehydration can cause headaches and fatigue and drinking at least two liters a day will help keep you on your toes. There are strong arguments both for and against bottled water, although the added minerals are great for your body, there really is no harm in drinking tap water or using your own filtration device.


The most important thing to remember is that there isn’t too much difference between all of the high-end water brands and your standard names. Water is drunk when someone is thirsty or in need of hydration, it is extremely important you remember to keep hydrated especially as the summer months are coming up. With the warmer weather dehydration is a serious issue as people are more likely to be caught away from home without anything to drink. If you know that you are going out for the day throw an extra bottle in your bag. It is important we all keep hydrated and avoid any of the nasty medical conditions that can occur. Whether you prefer a bottle or just straight from the tap, grab yourself a new refillable bottle to help save the environment whilst remaining hydrated.