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Stroke commonly affects the area of the brain which controls movement and leads to weakness down one side of the body. Most everyday activities need two hands; imagine getting dressed, preparing food or making a bed with only one hand and so having a stroke can have a major impact on independence unless you can relearn how to use the affected arm and hand again.

In the UK alone, each year about 110,000 adults need rehabilitation after stroke; currently fewer than 20% recover sufficient arm and hand use to regain their independence.

What is less well known is that children can also have stroke, usually before or around the time of birth. Stroke in children is commonly referred to as hemiplegic cerebral palsy and affects 46,000 people in the UK. Children with a stroke often grow up neglecting their weaker arm and managing tasks requiring two hands with the assistance of parents, teachers and friends and so do not learn how to use their two hands together. When they are adults they struggle to be independent.

Rehabilitation can be very demanding and Limbs Alive is dedicated to ensuring that therapy fits into your life rather than you fitting your life around your therapy.

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